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Name:Cian O'Neill
Birthdate:Apr 30
Cheat Sheet:

Species - Were

Skills - Fighting

Age - 31

Originally From - County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Current Residence - Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina

Career - Works at holiday park as general handyman/roustabout

Religion - Raised Catholic - mother a pagan witch

Important Background Tidbits - Orphaned at 16, turned were (cougar) at 18, taught to control it, thanks to his 'Aunt Annie', coven sister to his dead mother, and the one who took him in after his family was killed. Is suspected of having something to do with five different cases of brutal attack on men who were suspected of being participants in the bomb attack that killed his family, but the coroner said it was a wild animal, so police could never charge him. Left Nthn Ireland and moved to the USA, traveling around.

Personality Traits - Hard worker, seems to be aloof, keep to himself, bit of a loner around the full moon. But will happily have a conversation but isn't usually the one to start them. Does have a high 'curiosity' level.

PB - Sean Bean

Disclaimer: This character is purely fictional, and still in residence in my head. No, this is not Sean Bean's life in disguise, nor is any reflection intended or made about the man, he is just the representation of Cian who best fits the character, just like he did with Sharpe, and many others! The contents can and potentially will contain material that is adult of nature - if you are not over the age of 18, or whatever the age is in the vicinity in which you live that is considered of consent then please take this as warning you are not to enter. Thanks!
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