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DoB: 30 April 1954
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 78kg
Build: Lean, but broad shouldered, making him look a little taller than he is when there's none around to compare.
Hair: Sandy blonde
Eyes: Green, slight gold flecking when angered or aroused.

Immediate Family
Father: William O'Neill, mechanic, deceased
Mother: Bernadette O'Neill, seamstress, deceased
Siblings: Twins, Dearbhla & Ryan, both deceased
There are a large number of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc but all of Cian's immediate family is deceased, killed in a car bombing.

Young Cian was very confident, self aware, and enjoyed his life. He was also athletic, highly competitive and a very talented football player, something that gave him a great outlet for his intense physicality, focus and drive to achieve and be someone. His loyalty was hard-earnt, but once he'd given it there was little that would shake it.

He was very aware of his appearance and always took care to make sure he looked good (somewhat vain in his earlier years?). He had no hesitation to turn on the charm when he felt like it, and enjoyed 'the chase' almost as much as the conquest.

After the loss of his family he was angry, and his focus was on revenge instead of his sport. He kept his own sense of guilt for the deaths of his family hidden believing that if it wasn't for him they wouldn't have been there that day, especially his brother and sister.

Cian was the oldest of 3, born and raised in County Tyrone, Northern Island, and orphaned at 16 when his family was killed a car bombing when he was 16. He went from being a self-assured, confident young athlete on a path to professional football to an angry, vengeful young man who would fight anyone and anything. He secretly blamed himself for his family's death, having talked his father into doing the things that led them to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A close friend (and coven sister) of his mother's, Annie, eventually took him in when he'd been kicked out of his 'homes', the local football clubs, because of his deteriorating behaviour. Over the following years she helped him in his search to find the people responsible for making the bomb, teaching him how to 'listen' and ask questions without seeming 'nosy', or ending up in a fight with them.

Cian had never really acknowledged his mother's abilities in witchcraft, too interested in his own life to had taken much interest, until Annie showed him a few things, and had him learn a few things, such as the use of wards and such like. On the night of the 5th anniversary of their deaths he'd gone up to the moors, to the cairn he'd built in memory of his family, carrying a small tree to plant, Annie promising to come up later and help him with a protection spell for the tree. When she arrived she found him unconscious, covered in blood and deep wounds, the blade of the shovel on the ground next to him smeared in blood also, but not his.

He'd been attacked by a were, only surviving because of the near-fatal blow to the creature's head with his shovel. Annie suspected it but it was only on the next full moon she was able to know for sure, asking him to do some work in the cellar that first night. She told him what had happened, Cian at first horrified and angry, then worried, mainly that he'd hurt Annie, or someone else finding out. Annie finally convinced him it wasn't the end of the world by showing him the protection wards and spells she had used on him that first night. She also watched him and over time pointed out the changes in him including greater strength, more acute hearing and to his surprise, much better night vision.

Each of the three nights of the full moon Annie would lock him in the cellar and release him in the morning. In a few months she convinced him that two of his friends, Oonagh and Shane could be trusted, their mothers also part of Annie's coven, and finally he agreed to have them as part of 'the team'. Oonagh started researching lycanthropy, showing Cian her findings and slowly convincing him it was possible to bring it under control. With hers and Annie's help he learnt to control the shift. First he managed to get the actual transformation so it wasn't so bone-shatteringly painful, and his memory of things between the two forms were starting to entwine. His major concern was always that he would injure one of them. Again Oonagh went to work finding out how he could learn to control the transformations fully, and be aware of his 'other' side, which was a big cat, closely resembling a cougar. Her world-wide hunt through the internet found there was a loose-knit underground of lycanthropes and with the help of a woman in Chicago Cian learnt to control the were to the point of no longer being influenced by the full moon.

With his 'were' under control he turned his attention to the one thing that had been driving him ever since that fateful day of the bombing. The news had been reporting that the accused bombers were still not going to face court and Cian set out to seek his revenge. One by one the perpetrators disappeared, their bodies, if found, almost unrecognisable, just like his mother had been for the five days before she finally died.

Rumours started circulating, the theory of wild animals having caused the first couple of deaths soon expanding to it being something more controlled and planned. Cian decided that he had to leave Ireland, the risk of his being discovered now too great and his need to protect Annie, Oonagh and Shane too strong - they were his surrogate family and he would never risk bringing any harm to them. He left to travel the US, Shane coming with him for a few months. Cian and Shane were about to head back home when they heard from Annie and Oonagh that questions were being asked and DNA was being sought from all males in all the villages in County Tyrone. Rather than risk it Cian decided to stay in the US. He and Shane parted company at the airport, Cian heading north, and Shane headed back home.

He's been on the move for nearly 5 years, picking up jobs here and there, sometimes staying for a few months, sometimes a few years. He prefers wide open areas, either desert or mountains, so he can take Siofra out to run whenever he wants, or needs. He still hunts, from time to time, when he sees there is a need, and has his own method of justice.


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